An International News Magazine for MUNers


1.  Choosing the dies and drawing the wires: the birth of the project

The KULMUN NEWSWIRE is a platform for educating political journalists, framed in the structures of the Model UN (MUN) concept.

The KULMUN NEWSWIRE is a daring new project based on the conviction that the media is “the fourth power” in state politics. Situated in the KULMUN framework, a framework that strives to familiarize youth with diplomatic and political education, together with raising the public awareness of the activities of the international arena, the NEWSWIRE started of as the official media body of the KULMUN International Conference.

A closer analysis of the Model UN conferences’ dynamics made it obvious that there is no sustainability when it comes to media bodies. If one has a quite large database of delegates and chairpersons, in the case of MUN journalists the situation is exactly the opposite.

The moment when this critical point was acknowledged represents the moment when the NEWSWIRE concept was born. So it happens that the NEWSWIRE became the first MUN media to run all year long, providing three different categories of news for its audience.

2. Twisting, jacketing, and insulating: creating the structure

The KULMUN NEWSWIRE is structured in three different editions which are differentiated by color.

The International News (Blue) Edition is the place where articles covering international affairs are featured. Besides hosting the articles of the NEWSWIRE staff, this edition also hosts articles of partner websites.

The KULMUN (Red) Edition features articles written during KULMUN semestrial simulations and during the yearly KULMUN International Conference. The journalists attend the debates of the different UN bodies that are simulated and report on them later on. Our readers need to understand that these articles are based on ‘fictional’ facts although their starting points are real facts on the international arena.

The MUN Conferences (Green) Edition features articles about other Model UN conferences that the KULMUN members and journalists attend during the year. These articles want to offer insights on the vibe of the events and analysis of the resolutions/decisions/recommendations passed during the simulations of the respective conferences. 

3. The wire strands: our team

Experts in the field say the more individual wire strands in a wire bundle, the more flexible, kink-resistant, break-resistant, and stronger the wire is. That’s why we are always trying to strengthen and improve as a team.

The NEWSWIRE bundle includes two project managers and eight journalists. Soon you will be able to find out more about this young, motivated, and eclectic group. Just give us the time to properly prepare our introduction to the world.