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Alexandra Roumans

Paris, C’est Toujours une Bonne Idée

Paris, C'est Toujours une Bonne Idée

It’s KULMUN Newswire Mobility week in collaboration with LOKO, the KU Leuven student organisation. Alexandra writes from her super cosy apartment in Paris, in the Marais neighbourhood. She spends this semester abroad in Paris thanks to the European Union’s ERASMUS exchange programme. Her stay has so far been great, she can only recommend that you do it too. It offers the opportunity to experience a new city, a new culture and new friends.

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About the Author

Alexandra Roumans is a political science student at the KULeuven. Her ambition is to major in international and comparative politics. She became a journalist for KULMUN to train her writing skills and put her political knowledge into practice. In the future she wants to work in an international environment, preferably in the communication field.