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Bangladesh delegate links sexual violence to terrorism at tense but exciting opening ceremony

By Njinju Fogap

Today, with the opening of the sixth edition of the KULMUN, and the excitement swelling within the rooms of the Opening Ceremony and Reception, it was easy to engage in conversations with eager delegates.

Young diplomats have gathered from all over the world to iron out resolutions on problems ranging from violence against women to an EU foreign policy.

Dilara, representing Bangladesh, declared she has only this to say: ‘Sexual violence against women still exists now, especially in Bangladesh, in forms of rape and the freedom of expression and association online. This is used by terrorists who access the internet, and this is why we want to ban all social media.’ Strong claims and stimulating conversations such as this were present in each conversation of every huddle of individuals in the fifteenth century City Hall of Leuven.

A conversation with Apang Nelson from Cameroon revealed the opinion that the KULMUN conference is a “nice” idea, as it brings students together from abroad who are trying to understand the international linkages of the world and one another.  However, it also builds them up professionally and academically—by ways of skill and achievement—because it remains an unshakeable means of gaining experience for students.

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