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COMMENT: Hello, it’s me… The ICJ Report You’ve All Been Waiting For

Receiving a web of details this morning from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has finally driven The Atomium to write a heavily “inspired” piece about the goings-on of their meetings during the conference. The updates streamed in from Conall Towe, and it follows a surge of released statements about the lack of ICJ representation in The Brute or The Atomium — the two organs of KULMUN’s Newswire.

ICJ hard at work

‘I’ve got some updates at the ICJ if you want to use it in an article’ he egged on to one of our journalists. Entertaining the idea, The Atomium produces for you, our beloved public, the 411 on what has been up — or going down — within their richly wooded boardroom.

The ICJ have been dealing with a big case these past few days, regarding whether or not it is legal for one country — The Commonwealth of Rivendell — to invade another — Republic of Aldburg — for humanitarian reasons. Simple enough? No.

Due to a hefty amount of accusations on ethnic cleansing, and even genocide, occurring in Aldburg, Rivendell sent troops in to stop it. Of course this happens even though Rivendell did not get any authorisation from the UN Security Council. This is obviously not O.K. in anyone’s books, nor is it according to procedure. Right? That’s what one would think anyway. But, this is why the ICJ are involved. Queue Towe: ‘The court had to decide whether Rivendell was right to do this or not.’

At first, the court was a wee bit split on the decision, as Towe continued to state, ‘A lot of us believed that Rivendell was right at the start’. Nonetheless, by the end of Wednesday, they had reached a consensus that it is ‘basically not legal’ for one country to invade another on humanitarian grounds. Meaning: Rivindell is actually wrong to have done what they did. In other words, it is illegal. The judges of the ICJ spent countless hours looking at heaps of evidence, so do not ascertain that this decision-making process was by any means a walk in the park. However, they are ‘almost certainly’ going to be unanimous, as it seemed like no judge was planning to write a dissenting opinion. Queue applause.

Judgment was meant to be done by this afternoon, and hopefully to their surprise this morning and afternoon they felt the presence of an Atomium journalist who stayed there to get the scoop. Since then, Towe has probably regretted having sent in his request – likewise, we can pretend to forget the urging of the President himself – seeing as we were well-aware of the story we wanted, and when we wanted it.

But, as ever, thanks for the help you lot!

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