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‘Hope is a gift rarely given to Palestine’: Arab League Resolution

Anticipating a morning of high tensions and many decisions, every member of the Arab League had high hopes to reach the resolution, and the voting had just begun. Radiating from the committee was an overall mood of optimism, as they expected the resolution they were working on during the week to be passed today. This meant a realisation of greater peace in the region, promotion of the human rights and opportunities for political and economic development.

Even though the complete resolution of the conflict in the area is still not achieved, the developments in the council room today will definitely aid in promoting further advancements of resolving the crisis in the region. Furthermore, forthcoming dialogue is desired by every country represented in the Arab League. The newly set up council for the territories of the State of Jordan will stimulate and encourage better relations between the Arab League nations and the State of Israel.


‘Hope is a gift that is rarely given to Palestine’, the delegate of Palestine rightfully stresses. Aptly, hope is something that was witnessed today, but this is more than mere likelihood—there was generally great development, as well as opportunities that would improve lives internationally. Still, there are several negotiations required for further development, as the Tunisian delegate underlines—such as a working solution for the refugee crisis. That said, the delegates succeeded to arrive at an agreement today, leaving us optimistic about future dialogue.

Maryia Ditchkowska

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