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Hot and Cold: The UNSC Ends Up with Disappointing Results

Nearly 24-hours into the Syrian crisis, and the United Nations Security Council is still to reach a working conclusion on it. Heated discussions between the members of the council consistently failed to be productive on the matter, because all of the members were unable to overcome their ideological and political prejudices in order to tackle this global threat. The circumstances became worse when the draft resolution of the council was vetoed by the representative of the Russian Federation, who believed it would infringe the national sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic.

This veto evidently upset every other member of the Security Council—as it should all of us—and without agreed strategy among the UNSC, ISIS poses a particular threat to all mankind. The representative of the Russian Federation commented on this undeniable point, expressing their deepest regrets and bona fide concerns about the situation. However, the representative underlined the fact that the draft resolution would never be possible the way it looks presently. And, unfortunately, the icy wind that swept in from the Russian Federation made for a cold conclusion to the 24-hours of heated discussion the UNSC council engaged in earlier.

russia UNSC
Russian Federation Representative speaks out

It is not the first time the UNSC was unable to develop a working conclusion because of the deep political disagreements that exist between the members of the council. Earlier this week (see The Atomium: 3) the Council failed to agree on the strategy in the South China Sea as the delegate of the People’s Republic of China proved difficult to work with for the rest of the members. Although they have the world’s best interest in mind, their international efforts will only see results when they can first reach peace amongst one another.

Maryia Ditchkowska

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