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BREAKING NEWS – Security Council and NATO Utterly Failing

The Newswire is disgusted at the lack of progress being made in the Security Council and NATO regarding the current crisis. Several NGOs and the international community as a whole have expressed their disbelief at the lack of progress made in resolving this issue. The inefficacy and general lethargy is an absolute insult to the memory of the hostages that were murdered over half an hour ago. The problem is clear but the councils are going in circles – there is precedent regarding international law on this matter and the delegates seem to be completely oblivious.

After 9/11, the Security Council passed two Resolutions which approved the use of force against al Qaeda in Afghanistan because the US considered itself in an armed conflict with the terrorists. The scale and atrocity of the attacks justified the response as is inherent in their right to self-defence under Article 51 of the UN Charter. There was general international consensus regarding these actions. For a more detailed examination of this issue, see the Newswire article ‘The Changing Landscape Since 9/11: Lawful Use of Force Against Terrorists” http://newswire.kulmun.be/kulmun12_edition/international-law-since-911-draft/

So the question is now – will the councils take up this mantle and actually do something? Will they acknowledge that this act by ISIS was a declaration of war and they are now in an armed conflict with Europe? Will they show the consensus and co-operation demonstrated immediately after 9/11 – or will they continue to squabble over the minutiae and leave the issue unresolved as an extremely powerful terrorist organisation continues to target and successfully destroy major European cities?

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