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BREAKING NEWS – Transcript of ISIS Video Message

Newswire has exclusively obtained the transcript of the terrifying video call from ISIS, aimed at both the Security Council and NATO.

“Council of the damned, council of tyrants, council of the corrupt -

We are coming for you. The black flag of the caliphate will be raised in every city, your lands will run red with the blood of your people, we will rape and enslave your women, we will kill your children and their children too. We will end your crusade against Islam, we will be victorious by the will of Allah. Our flag will fly over Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid.

You have provoked our fury, a raging storm is coming that you will not escape, we are the Arab Summer, the caliphate will see you suffer. We are everywhere and you cannot escape, we will destroy you and everything you stand for. The caliphate is rising and we are everywhere. The Arab Summer will incinerate you with the inferno of a thousand suns and we will not relent, the caliphate will fight until the raging fire in our hearts melts the flesh from your bones, until everything you know is torment and ashes. You are walking corpses, your fate is sealed and we will deliver it.

You will give us 100 million dollars for the life of the Spanish ambassador Antonio José Rodriguez and 100 million for the life of his secretary. Don’t comply and the secretary will  be executed at 3.30.”

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