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Press Statement – Germany

March 7th is a day that will live in infamy. With a heavy heart, the Federal Republic of Germany must announce that Berlin is burning. There has been an explosion, and we do not have anywhere near all of the details. But the information that is spreading — that ISIS was responsible, that ISIS has slaughtered German citizens — is founded in truth. German intelligence services have found credible information which points to ISIS as a culprit. If so, this will mean that the fight to combat ISIS has become a fight to destroy ISIS. We can no longer root out ISIS, we now to fight them. In the coming days, the German government will be discussing internally and with its allies the terms by which we will invoke our right to self-defense. No decision will be made without the proper consideration of the German government and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Thank you, and please stand with us in this most desperate of times.


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