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Russia and Syria Take Lead against ISIL

The first morning in the Security Council was already quite a heated one. Russia and Syria took the lead by evaluating the US coalition, which led to a passionate debate between the delegates. The problems in Syria and Iraq were highlighted, but there were very few solutions.  

There was a heated debate in the Security Council this morning when a clear division between the countries surfaced. On the one hand there were the countries in favour of the US coalition, on the other hand the countries that found the coalition not that successful. Syria and Russia took the lead against the US coalition.

Russia proposed an evaluation of the US coalition against ISIL and it was clear that most of the delegates agreed against it. Syria’s delegate claimed that the US government did not solve the Iraqi war in 2003. He pointed out there was no working government that when they left Iraq. China added that the US does not realize how much damage they left after the war.

A lot of the other countries joined Russia, uncovering the weaknesses of the coalition. Meanwhile, the US sent out a weak message by not strongly participating in this critical debate. It remains to be seen whether it will be able to recover.

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