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Security Council Finally Moving Forward

After three days of going in circles, the Security Council is finally making progress. Today the delegates started debating about the second topic - Regulating Development of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS). 

At first it looked like the delegates were still going to debate the first topic. After a strong statement from the delegate of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the council started debating the second topic.

The delegates seem to be very hopeful to move forward today. The delegate of Syria even said that she hoped it is going to be a “fruitful and problem-solving day”. The delegates are certainly much more energised, a surprise given the intensity of partying that took place last night. The opening statements were much more impressive than the last topic.

After three days of pointing fingers and stagnant debates, the Security Council is making steps in the right direction. The discussions have been certainly been more inspired the Council finally working towards solutions, a contrast from the cyclical monotony of days past.

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Annemie Vanlangenaker