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You Will Lose – Over and Over Again

“You will lose; you will lose over and over again. But it is not over until you win.”

 In a speech that will undoubtedly go down in KULMUN history as one of the most moving -and perhaps slightly depressing- it has ever seen, the president of the KULMUN executive board dedicated his welcome to the bane of Europe’s youth: failure. Failure despite endless efforts. Failure despite morally laudable behaviour. Failure; over and over again. But, he added, it is not over until you win!

It is exactly this ambition to fail as much as necessary that was subsequently distinguished as the core of what unites KULMUN participants. Luckily, the the secretary general and his vice did not sent the delegates to their demise without some advice to limit the losses to a minimum:

  1. Don’t waste time
  2. Put yourself in others’ shoes
  3. Respect each other

After all, “KULMUN is the best MUN conference in Europe. Nay, the world.”



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Hanne Cokelaere

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