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Women’s Day Neglected – Delegates in Dire Need of Music Therapy

NATO’s initially unpromising last day was saved by a therapeutical group singing session of Bon Jovi’s ‘It’s my life’. The honourable delegates also had the possibility to vote for the funny awards of the conference.

NATO’s last session promised to be dull as the honourable delegates started discussing gender equality. And although delegates were clearly aware they cannot ignore the issue, it did not become as popular it should have. The outrageous lack of interest for 50% of the world’s population was displayed in the considerably larger support for a karaoke song. The delegates swiftly decided upon Bon Jovi’s It’s My Life and subsequently showcased the most enthusiastic unmoderated caucus this conference’s NATO has seen as yet.

Women’s rights were pushed further to the background as the honourable delegates embarked on funny awards elections with rare but commendable zeal. Delegates were nominated in the following categories: best hangover manager; best dress male; best dress female; most likely to become a diplomat; the “Frank Underwood” award for the committee dictator; Miss awesomness; Mr awesomeness and funniest delegate. One of the delegates asked the chairs whether it is possible to vote for the journalist as well, although it is doubtful in which category he could be a candidate.

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