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UPDATE: Countries react to Russian veto in call for General Assembly

A series of countries have banded together to condemn Russia’s veto in the Security Council’s Syria vote today, calling for a re-vote. Diplomats representing Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Sudan, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela and Senegal have released a joint statement that will form the first part of a process to circumvent Russia’s Security Council veto.

Using the “Uniting for Peace” framework to create a resolution, the Security Council can yield its powers to the General Assembly. This would be an unprecedented  move – the last time it was used was 1981 – and will once again call into question the power of the UN and its veto powers.

The Secretary General told the Atomium that calling a General Assembly is ‘very much unlikely and downright impossible’ given the time constraints of the UN’s current meeting.

In a statement issued today, the nine nations also expressed their ‘hope for future military cooperation with the Russian Federation and call for a halt of any unilateral action’, expressing their discomfort with Russia’s recent actions rescuing President Assad and killing two leading members of the Free Syrian Army.

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