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UPDATE: USA-France diplomatic crisis resolved, Delegates reaching ‘full understanding on the matters’

Following yesterday’s leaked information on the ‘immigrant travel ban for all Muslim persons’ (Source: The Brute) and the official statement of the Republic of France on the issue, The Atomium was able to receive the statements of the representatives to the United Nations Security Council of both the Republic of France and the United States of America on the issue. A reliable source states that the diplomatic crisis took place because:

‘a member of the Donald Trump election campaign, who somehow managed to get access to the private e-mail account of Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, through which he then “leaked” his false information to the press, pretending to be Hillary Clinton and receiving the information from a member of the current US Cabinet’.

Thus, it is not to be perceived as an official position of the USA on the matter. The Republic of France, which previously raised their concerns on the position of their ally, has expressed the hope that their ‘fellow ally in the War on Terror [will] focus on the terrorists and not on the Muslim population as a whole’. This came after the clarification from the American side, who expressed their delight on the recent news. Both of the diplomats, yet again, reminded the public about their intentions to unite all Muslims against ISIS’ past crimes against humanity — and supposed future crimes — and expressed hope that the states in the Arab League and other states can join them in this endeavor. The Atomium was pleased to be an eyewitness when the delegates shook hands as a sign that total understanding had been reached.

Maryia Ditchkowska

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